Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is about rest or conscious sleeping, like that dreamy phase just before you fall asleep.

Lying down on a mat and warm blankets, you are quietly guided to release tension in your whole body and then mindfully carm the chatter in your head, leading to a state of total relaxation for 45 minutes to an hour.

Yoga Nidra is amongst the deepest possible states of peacefulness while still remaining aware of your environment and also aware of just how still you have become. This has been found to be hugely beneficial in reducing tension and anxiety, and aiding restful sleep.

Meditation & Mindfullness


Mindfullness forms a part of every yoga class, and the practice of yoga often leads to an enquiry into Meditation as part of our daily lives.

Guidance in methods of Meditation and Mindfulness can help you to find the type of  Meditation that works for you, be it active, quiet, focused or contemplative. This is still available online for individuals or groups.

Watch out for these being posted on the website and Facebook or sign-up to be notified in advance.

Urban Retreats


Yoga in Amazing Places & Urban Retreats

Urban retreats – no need to travel for a day away!

Join me for a Luscious day of Yoga, Long Lingering Lunch with food demos and recipes.
A digestive post lunch relaxation, sleep, dreams and chocolate. 5 hours for you.

Urban Retreats

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