About Aileen

Yoga has always been part of my life and once I made the decision to commit to two years of comprehensive teacher training, I never looked back.  It gives me so much pleasure to see people leave class feeling better than they arrived and realising just how powerful and strong they really are.

In my yoga classes my aim is to give you time to develop confidence in your own abilities, a sense of fun and lightheartedness, and ways to be mindful and aware each and every day, allowing you to discover how you move, how it feels as you work your body and how it feels afterwards.  Discovering ways to switch off from all the day-to-day worries and mind chatter and replace them with positive thoughts and actions.

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About Yoga

  • Yoga(asana) helps in improving the bodies tone, strength and flexibility.  Encouraging joint mobility, spinal fluidity and stimulating the internal organs and digestion.
  • Yoga breathing, (pranayama) yoga increases lung capacity, improves mental clarity and alertness and adds another dimension to your physical yoga workout.
  • Meditation, (dhyana) yoga teaches you to focus the mind, think positively and clearly and gain in confidence and self-belief.

Yoga differs from other disciplines in that it integrates movement, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation.