2020 and 2021 saw everything we were used to abruptly stop. It took time to establish an alternative way of living.

Re-adjusting (our routines)
Re-connecting (online)
Re-grouping (with ourselves)

With the help of some technical yogis – who by phone guided me in setting up Zoom classes; within a week we had free daily meditations which had to be extended on Fridays for everyone to have a social chat as well. Ireland, Wales, Canada, New York and California, an International group meditating and supporting each other online. Wonderful.

With my IT confidence growing I also started two evening yoga classes and the time-zone allowed the international yogis to join too. These continued right through all the lock-downs, waves and seasons.

We stretched, breathed, meditated and relaxed together and what a joy it was.

Thatsyoga in-person classes are only happening if the space is safe, clean, ventilated and big enough to allow lots of room for each person. I have found that space in Cobh Community Centre, the room is available just one Monday each week at present but this is live streamed too so those who do want to continue online or simply feel like doing it from
home on any particular week, can do so.

In January and February classes will be online only and then for the Springtime, we will be back in our lovely room again.

Thank you all for staying the course with me and let’s continue to work together and have some fun with our yoga too.